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The Orchid Club of South Australia Inc. was the first specialist orchid club in South Australia.  A small group of passionate Adelaide orchid growers established this Club in 1939. The Club currently has approximately 200 members, many who are amongst the most experienced orchid growers in Australia.


  1. The advancement and appreciation of orchids - including their natural history cultivation development and hybridization
  1. The preservation and propagation of all sp ecies of orchids
  1. The promotion and development of orchids as advancement to the horticultural resources of Australia
  1. The promotion and maintenance of good fellowship with persons and organisations with similar aims related to the Orchid Club of South Australia Inc.

The Orchid Club of South Australia Inc

  1. Welcomes all beginners to become involved in understanding the fundamentals of effective orchid culture
  1. Delivers workshops for new growers to gain valuable orchid culture knowledge from highly experienced orchid growers
  1. At regular monthly meetings members can :
    • Showcase their plants in competition with other members
    • Receive the latest information on orchid culture from highly experienced guest speakers
    • Participate in yearly major orchid shows
    • Receive monthly bulletins published for members with the latest club information
  1. A mentoring “Orchids in Schools” programme enables school students to become involved in the growing and culture of orchids
  1. The Orchid Club of South Australia Inc. and the Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia Inc. have held a long association over the years. They have been very successful in providing many outstanding high quality displays of orchids over the period of this association

Together in 2014 the Royal Adelaide Show orchid competition was established to create a premier orchid show which offers prestigious competitions open to all orchid growers throughout Australia and beyond.